What are you supposed to do when you receive a story from two parties that don’t mesh in the slightest? Somehow, the one with more comprehensive and cohesive thought processes will ring true. I have heard two sides to an argument that has culminated in the ruination of friendship, and the two stories are so […]

Busy Week

So, my week has been just a bit crazy. The best news is that we found a new apartment. The landlord wanted someone to help with maintenance on the place, and hubby can do that, so we got him to allow us to do the pre-clean and fix-up of the place before we move in. […]

Crazy Days

Working in the pharmacy can be absolutely draining. I will never understand how we can have what feels like a lull the last quarter of the year, even with the holiday rushes, to be suddenly endowed with mayhem in January. I have not had a night like tonight where I was entering new prescriptions until […]