Have you ever had time move by so swiftly you’ve forgotten that it passed? That is how these past couple of months have been for me. I kept meaning to blog, but time moved all too quickly and I kept forgetting. The year so far has been well. I can’t say that it has been […]


Why does it never fail? I have a good day for the second day in a row but I just cannot understand why it is so hard for people to keep track of what insurance they have. It’s worked the same way for years on end. A new year comes and people need to check […]

Looking Forward

Lately I have been considering the future. It is always an odd feeling to look ahead, although I understand the need to do so. First, I have been considering the new change for this country. With the presidential inauguration looming ever closer, I am unable to avoid wondering how long he will live. I am […]