Time Moves Forward

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at clinical yesterday. I wasn’t on the floor, but was doing an observational day in the medical day care outpatient infusions, transfusions, and procedures. I was able to watch a doctor do a lipectomy of a lipoma. It was the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a very long […]

Random Life

Sunday, again. I only have one assignment due tomorrow and med cards to make and laundry to take care of. Oh, I have to study, too. I really don’t enjoy having a test just about every week. I have a few days to go over my notes and books. For today, I feel strangely relaxed. […]

Oh My Goodness

I’m on day three of being back to school. One day of class and day two of clinical. Today has been so interesting with the patients. There are a few mindsets I just don’t understand in some patients but I don’t let it affect me. I love the experiences. My patient has been awesome. I’m […]