February Birthdays

I would like to extend my joy of life in birthday congratulations to all of those people born in February. May the day that is yours alone, already come or forthcoming, be a celebration in which you are surrounded by your loved ones. Look forward to the next twelve months. The time is now for […]


Have you ever had a desire so intense you weren’t really sure what to do with it? No, my mind is not in the gutter. I’ve just been musing all day, trying to come up with something to write about. I’ve had the strongest urge, an unruly desire, to blog today. For the life of […]


I am slowly discovering more of the social networking amenities that are available. I am already attached to Facebook and MySpace. I have very recently begun to explore Twitter. There are so many more of these sites available that I may, at some point, look into those as well. Twitter does have me slightly baffled […]