Day By Day

I had a random spurt of thought that made absolutely no sense to me. Since it made no sense, it means I get to come here and babble. Isn’t it just amazing that people have evolved to where we are today? It doesn’t matter if you believe in creationism or evolution. People as a collective continue to grow and advance. Someday we may be our own destroyers, but until something like that happens, we continue to try and make life just a little but better.

I can sit here and type all this, and people can come and read it and if they so chose, they can reply and post their own opinions on what I’ve written. Our world has gotten much smaller as technology grows. I only hope that people don’t lose themselves entirely. Children must be encouraged to remember the outdoors. Nothing will ever beat going to sporting events, concerts, and other activities. As long as we don’t forget how to live and experience, technology isn’t such a bad thing.


Family issues can really be hard to deal with. Luckily, if you’re not directly involved, you can typically take a side lined view of matters. But hey, family problems and family matters, and I hope that everyone has some family that they can understand that concept with. To each their own. Take care of your own.


I love living up north again. I was in Florida for 5 years and I never got used to it. The hurricanes weren’t so bad, but the heat… Oh, how I missed the snow. Even now, it’s cold, ranging mostly in 20’s and 30’s. I’ve already aclimated enough that I don’t wear my parka every day. I have a slightly lighter coat that suits me just fine as long as I have my hat and gloves. The heat keeps me bound indoors relentlessly. I always feel like I’m going to be overwhelmed. Up here in the northeast, I am truly at home. I did have to remind my husband that if for some reason we ever had to move back to Florida, I would go with him. I’m not a heat person, but I can adjust well enough to live.


I think I have run out of random tidbits, so I’m going to wrap this up. Here is one of my favorite pictures I found a while ago. May it soothe your mind and allow you to escape if you need to.


Relaxation Abounds
Relaxation Abounds

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