Special Dates

As humans, we like to honor the memory of certain dates. We honor birthdays, deathdays, holidays, and anniversaries. I have noticed through my life thus far that these honored memories help to give our lives continuity. We are able to mark the passage of time, judging failures and successes by how some dates come or fail to come as the case may be. These special dates may be cause for joy or sorrow, and there are more categories than those I’ve already remembered.

I would like to wish a happy 40th anniversary to my in-laws.

That is truly a happy milestone, though I know that the road to get there has not always been smooth. I wish them many more years together.

When I look to my husband, their son, I hope that we will be so lucky. After all, anything can happen… anything is possible. While problems do exist, and there is stack of outside problems, I keep telling him that we’ll have our time together. Medical issues, and even life itself, won’t tear us apart. Well, it’s what I tell him now. I believe in the power of thought, so I believe that he and I can work through everything that life throws at us. ^_^

I love you, my darling.

I sometimes wonder if people don’t make too big of a deal out of certain dates. Like, birthdays, for example. One thing that people need to remember is that the passage of time does not need to be a dreadful thing. I honestly feel that age is relative. While chronologically we always progress forward, your relative age can vary. People always stress out. LifeĀ  will twist and shape you, but your relative age will reflect how you truly feel about yourself.

Holidays are always up for debate. Some are more delightful than others. Some cause more stress than others. All in all we can find a fulfillment from the interaction we receive with other people because of the interaction we get with others. Ah well…


Special dates are unique every year even though they often reflect the same things.

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