Adrift but with Land in Sight

All too often in life, I have felt like there is no course I’m really on. I’ve literally been adrift, wondering if I’ll ever find that elusive port. Lately, I have begun to feel as though there is land in sight. I’m no longer aimlessly drifting. I start back to college in about a week. I have a consistent job even if the hours are wacky and not always quite what I’d like. I don’t have everything that I would like, but I feel as though I’m at least on track to reach everything.

Being on track is the first step for anyone to obtain the ends they want. You don’t have to settle for what you currently have, but you do have to make it work for you. You can’t rue over your circumstances. Look at them. Analyze them. See what changes can be made to improve them. Life is really comprised of little steps. When you take too make big leaps (and some are definitely needed) you miss out on some of the finer details that really serve to keep you balanced.

If the average person, like myself, can look ahead into the future, so can others. I firmly believe you must remember your past but not dwell in it, live for today, because each day is unique and special, and push ahead to tomorrow, because you never know what is out there on its way to you.

I know this past year and even a few leading up to it have been rough. I implore you to know that you’re now alone. While you may feel as though no one is in your boat, look around. They may not be in your particular boat, but I bet they’re in that same expanse of water. Drifting. Hoping. Searching. Reach out, and help may come from the most unlikely source, especially when you’re not as alone as you think. Despair may creep up on some, but it can be pushed aside.

I’m certain land is in sight. I think I even see my port. Are you able to take control of your drift and find land, too? I’ll meet you there.

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