Spring is Come

Well, I have been an absolute procrastinator this month. No matter how many times a I thought about coming to my blog, I just never got around to it. I suppose in fairness, I haven’t been on the computer as much this month as usual. There aren’t any major updates to divulge. I simply wanted to put out my well wishes for this month.

This was a true month of change. We had the setting forward of the clocks one hour for those areas that observe daylight savings. March 20 was the glorious Spring Equinox. I don’t know what the weather was like in other areas but it was delightful for me. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. I even went around taking pictures of the newly budding greenery, which I will post at some point. The sun was bright and warm and the sky such a serene blue. Now of course, the very next day it cooled off, but the first day of spring was glorious.

My other note is to the March birthdays! I would like to keep my trend going, so I have not forgotten you all. Happy birthday if it is in March whether is has come and gone or is yet to arrive. I hope your day was delightful. As the year moves onward, the seasons change. Let this be a time for change in your life as well. Seek out the new and renewing. Know that nothing that has afflicted you in the past has to be so terrible moving forward. Reach out to those around you for support if need be, though you may find that you can now stand on your own. I wish you peace for your day, even if it is the only day of peace you’ve had in a while. I celebrate your birth and life. Our world would be an empty,  desolate place if you did not exist. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCH BABIES.

On to more personal thoughts, briefly. School goes well. I had a little but a nerves heading back to college, but so far, so good. I am enjoying my class and am waiting with baited breath to find out if I’ve gotten into my program of choice. Even if I don’t, I’ll be taking non-core classes this fall to stay on top of the game and reapplying. However, I am hopeful of a good outcome.

I will try to come back again before the end of this month to offer and “wisdom” I may have acquired. In the interim, please be well and safe. I appreciate all who read. Feel free to join and comment.

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