April First – Whoo!

Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day

Happy April Fool’s Day

Happy Whatever Else Day It Is

We are in the second quarter of the year. This year of 2010 is moving right along. A lot of babies are due soon. People are getting engaged and married. Spring is upon us. I honestly have nothing of any real interest to report. It is just a wonderful day. The rains have left New England. The sun came out today. I am just in a good mood all around. There is a quiz tonight in class. I am even looking forward to that. Go figure. I don’t feel as though I’m fully prepared, but then again I never feel fully prepared.

Oh, and before I forget!


I do hope that you have a good day for yourself. The day of your birth during this season was surely a blessing to somebody. As life blooms anew so you to were brought into this world. Take a deep, renewing breath of the fresh start to a new year. I wish you well.

Well, I’m off. I’d like to get a little more studying in before that quiz. ^_~

Bye y’all!

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