To anyone who does stop by to read my blog, sorry I didn’t post anything for June. I hope all the June babies had good times with friends and famiy. To those with birthdays this month, happy birth July babies! Enjoy the weather. Fun in the sun and all that happy jazz. The weather up here in Massachusetts has been wonderful. The humidity can be a little stifling (that is what I didn’t like too much about Florida) but the weather is enjoyable. We do need some more rain, and had some yesterday. Everything is starting to dry out so much. It could be dangerous to have a large storm with lightening. Rain would be nice though.

I’m at one of the local yacht clubs that my family frequents right now. Sitting inside, of course, since I forgot my sunblock. I’ve fried once this year and had everyone cringing at how red my fair skin was. The weekend after that I made sure to slather on the sunblock. Anyway, I’m sitting up here, looking out of the windows. I am just enthralled by how beautiful the water looks under the sun. There are some puff balls and thicker cloud cover over a light blue sky. The scenery is just lovely to look at. I can even see the Boston skyline.  I tried to get a picture of it, but the camera we have really just isn’t strong enough to get a good picture. So, I took some nature shots instead. I think those will come out nicely.

Life is still throwing its twists and turns. Not all of  them center on my life specifically, either. I am still party to them though. It is my sincere hope that the rest of this year will be full of joy and laughter to conteract any bad news that does rear its head. I can’t help be overwhelmed with love for the family I have through my husband. I do keep in touch with my mom and sisters. I try to keep in touch with the family on my father’s side. Thank goodness for the social networking sites like facebook that allow me to stay in contact.

Recently, I’ve been approached online by family that is on my paternal grandfather’s side that I have never met. It is interesting to be able to meet new people and see what they are like whom I would more than likely never meet under normal circumstances.

Well, I’m going to wrap this up and return to my scenery watching and book reading. I hope to write more often (don’t I always say that?). I should just stop saying it and see what happens. ^_~

G’bye, all! Have yourselves some good, wholesome summer fun. Enjoy the weather, beaches, or whatever else you have to make the best of this season!

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