August Days of Summer’s End

There’s not too much to announce. I would like to wish happy birthday to the August babies. I know that there are some new arrivals. Good luck to all the new parents. As the summer winds down, schools are coming back into session. I am looking forward to returning to the classroom next month.

Now, the husband did have surgery this past week. One of his fingers has been stuck bent due to an accident a few years back. He’s been fitted with a digit widget to straighten the finger. I’ll have pictures up as soon as I can get them off of his phone. It’s a cool looking device. It does seem to be working slightly.

Speaking of phones though, we got two ones. Contract renewals got us each Blackberries. I think I like it more than my Centro and I love the Palm software. We shall see. I am enjoying it so far.

That’s all for now, my readers. I’ll try to get those pictures up soon for you to see my hubby’s new contraption. Until then, bye ya’ll.

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