October End

I hope everyone has had a wonderful All Hallows Eve. Normally, this is one of my favorite holidays. No matter how old I get to be chronologically, I will always dress up, even if it’s only with fangs or a cape. This year I was a simple cat with face makeup, ears, and a tail. I could feel a difference in the atmosphere this year. It’s almost as if the world is holding its breath for the next blow, and no one was really spending too much money on the holiday. It’s felt that way all year to me. I saw almost no jack-o-lanterns or decorations, and there was a scarce amount of trick or treat-ers out and about. I suppose that next year things will start to pick back up.

Now, since I’ve been delinquent, I would like to wish those who had birthdays in September and October a happy birthday! You all have the privilege of being born during my favorite season. I had meant to blog in September regarding the beginning of autumn. As I’m sure you can tell, that didn’t happen. I can mention it now though. Autumn always makes me smile. I don’t really know why, since I was born in the spring. The season never had any real connections for me, until I was married during it. Still, it’s always been my favorite.

School is well. I think I mentioned somewhere along the line that I had gone back into the world of education. I do enjoy it. I thinks that’s part of most people’s problem with attending school. It becomes an obligation and something that has to be endured. Well, I have chosen to continue my education. I have chosen to pursue a path that will one day give me a better job. That is the intent anyway. These are choices that I have made, and thus, I enjoy them. If I grouse about going to school, I won’t do as well. I don’t expect to be perfect, but I know I can do a darn good job if I set my mind to do my best.

I don’t have much else to talk about at the moment. I’m sorry to anyone who checks my blog that I haven’t been around here. I don’t anticipate letting you down again. Two months has been entirely too long. I like having this blog. I have no idea if people actually come here, but that is okay. I’ll be back sooner than the last interval. Good night!

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