Feeling Useful

I posted a note on Facebook today in regard to what happened to me at work. Here is my note:

Today, I got to remember how awesome it feels to really help someone and remember why I hate the numbers game in big businesses. I busted my tail and jumped through every hoop, climbed every ladder, to make sure I would be able to order a medication for a patient for tomorrow. I forced through a registration process with the manufacturer that can take 48 hours, I politely hounded my vendor to make sure that received the authorization and put it in the system so I could order the medication. Everyone was so helpful! It was probably because I was very professional and polite. I didn’t snap at a single person. I just kept doggedly at it until, 20 minutes before my shift was over, I was able to call the doctor again (I’d been in communication with him through the entire process) to let him know that I would in fact be able to help his patient. Due to my tenacity, that customer of mine will be able to be discharged from the hospital and go home in time for the new year weekend. He would have been stuck as an inpatient until next week if I hadn’t done what I did. I wish, sincerely, that I was granted the time to help every patient like I did this guy. It made me feel awesome, and like I had actually accomplished something instead of just “Did we meet the quota.” CVS, why won’t you let me have the time I need to fully care for every patient? Not everyone has a problem like this, but when they crop up, I LIKE to be able to follow through what I start and make sure it’s done correctly!

I really do miss that feeling of true success that I had today when everything came together. This problem came to me just yesterday evening, and I had no idea how critical it would be to solve in such a short amount of time until I began working on it again this morning. I would like to be an example for my coworkers of how things can be when they follow through on problems. I haven’t felt this much success in a very long time. It was gratifying. The physician I was in contact with was absolutely thrilled and thanked me profusely. He even stressed that he would make sure the patient’s family knew how hard I had worked to ensure that the patient would be able to make it home for the new year weekend. He would not be able to be discharged unless we could guarantee that we could provide him with the medication.

I appreciated him saying that, but when it came right down to it, I just felt absolutely perfect at the end of my shift because of the resolution I obtained. I hope to someday be in a position where I can handle cases very specifically, like I did this one. My stress level wasn’t bad, and I just kept at it. I am so grateful that my tenacity will allow family to be home together instead of in the hospital over a holiday. It may only be one family, but it’s something.

My next goal will have to be to somehow make these little miracles happen with this very limited time I am given at work. To that family, even if you never see my blog, I hope you have a wonderful new year and everyone achieves health and wellness.

To everyone else, I intend to be back to wish you a happy new year, but please take my regards on that subject now, in case I forget. ^_~

I wish everyone the best, and for now, I am going to go enjoy my achievement and work on ways to continue to improve the quality of like as best as I am able for my customers, patients, coworkers, friends and family.

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