Today, we bid farewell to 2010 and welcome in 2011 with our sights set high. The resolutions are being made and people are looking forward to a new year. For some people, it will just be the same old thing, but for some it will be a new lease on life if you’ve have real problems or illness, you’ll hope to overcome your trials this years. I haven’t yet set my resolution for this year, but I did succeed in my resolutions from last year, so my hopes are up.

Happy Birthday to the January babies. (Let’s see if I can keep up on this this year!). I wish you well and not too much snow if you’re in the colder climates. Take a breath of the new year air and remember to look ahead. You’re the first ones who get to age in this year, so keep a positive outlook on life. There is always someone around you, looking to see how you handle yourself.

Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day! Day one of a month. Day one of a year. A fairly cool date numerically to boot. 1-1-11

Anyway, I wish everyone the best of health, luck, and love. Signing off!

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