Busy Week

So, my week has been just a bit crazy. The best news is that we found a new apartment. The landlord wanted someone to help with maintenance on the place, and hubby can do that, so we got him to allow us to do the pre-clean and fix-up of the place before we move in. I think that’s what sealed the deal. This way too we know it’s done correctly. We’ve already begun moving in some things so that we can get rid of our storage unit here. We are already achy and tired but this is worth it. We need a new place.

Let’s see, earlier this week we had a pretty significant snow storm on Wednesday. I was surprised by how many of my coworkers showed up. I was able to go in because my boss picked me up on her way in. So, it was a good day for getting things done. Overall, we’re still having a crazy busy month for the new year. Aside from updating insurances for people, I don’t feel like we’ve had too many other problems. Typically, January is riddled with some pretty major issues we have to fix for the new year.

We are taking everything one day at a time. I’ve been meaning to blog since last Wednesday. I forgot that I can use my Blackberry to do so. Hopefully, I’ll remember the next time I’m taking a small break and have something on my mind. Well, I’m wrapping up for now. We have to get back over to the new place. There is still work to be done.

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