Crazy Days

Working in the pharmacy can be absolutely draining. I will never understand how we can have what feels like a lull the last quarter of the year, even with the holiday rushes, to be suddenly endowed with mayhem in January. I have not had a night like tonight where I was entering new prescriptions until nearly closing time. That left pretty much no time to clean up for the morning, and I’m in again then! Closing then opening the next day is never enjoyable. I will face the day with a smile on my face. I have too many customers to not make the best of the situation and help them as well as I’m able.

If I remember correctly, I get the joy of new insurance, flood of prescriptions, and the whole works through about mid-February. I can definitely last that long. I only hope some of my coworkers can as well. I figure if I keep a positive attitude then it does help them get through the days. Luckily, I haven’t had too many customer complaints. They usually quiet down when we lift up over an inch to inch and half worth of paper faxes to sift through to see if their fax has come in yet. It’s just been non-stop, but every day we have to get them all typed. The work gets done.

Well, I’m signing off. I have a few sites and things to check then bed is calling. Early day tomorrow. See ya!

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