Odd Evening

Have you ever had one of those days that just goes from odd to strange to awful? I would bet you have. That is how my afternoon and evening have been although it is getting better. The snow that was dumped on us turned out to be the end for my poor hubby. Somewhere in the mix today with the exertion of shoveling out yet again, and a few days of not feeling wholly well, his body just said it quit and caused him to be violently ill. He started vomiting roughly one half hour before I started work today and was sick in the parking lot and bathroom for an extended period of time before consenting to go to the hospital. Well, we’ve been here for so long, and just now got him into a bed, that the waiting room seems to have cured him. I pushed him to stay and get checked out to be on the safe side. He, of course, would rather go home. I keep telling him soon enough. The color is coming back to his face though, and I think he’s just dehydrated now.
It’s always rough having to leave work early, but he is worth it. I would do anything for this man. If he’s truly well by tomorrow then I shouldn’t have to miss work. I love him too much to let him alone when he’s ill, so I’ll stay with him until he’s mended.
On a different note, we should be moved in to our new apartment by the first pending his health and the weather. I am looking forward to having our own place again with a feeling of near desperation. It will be a wondrous thing. We’ve been doing the cleanup work on the place. It’s coming together splendidly. I know that everything will work out. Write more later. I’m on the cell right now and this much typing starts to hurt. Bye!

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