End of Snow

I would have to say I am done with the snow. It has been trying to go away but yet again we’re being told to expect a few inches over the next couple of days. Don’t misunderstand, I like the snow, I do. I’m simply ready for green to show up again. I’ve been enjoying the new apartment and since we moved during the winter I want to see what I can do with the yards once the greenery shows up.

On the positive side, I’m using this weekend to catch up on some of the cleaning that needs to be done and on my school assignments. If I plan it correctly I should even be able to get ahead which is always nice. The sun was showing its face today. I didn’t go out, but tomorrow I plan on going for a walk whether or not it’s snowing. If it is snowing I’ll need to be outside at some point to shovel.

I think tonight will constitute a movie night. It’s very peaceful here and I hope to just enjoy the calm. I do feel boredom trying to creep up, but I think we’ll work at keeping it at bay. Times of peace are to be enjoyed to bolster us for chaos ahead. Every moment of chaos is a chance to grow though. I look forward to the coming week.

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