it Has Been Too Long

My hubby pointed out to me that I have been delinquent with my blog. I regret to admit that he is quite correct. I suppose I’ve just had a lot going on. When I stopped blogging in February I was trying to focus more on my classes. It is my pleasure to say that I did pass all four of them. Now, I get too look forward to nursing in the fall.

So, let me see. Happy belated birthdays to everyone so far this year. In particular I was to wish a happy birthday to my sister Danielle, brother-in-law Todd, cousin Travis. Birthdays should be cherished. I love seeing people surpass another year. It is a blessing to know that their time continues we get to have them in our lives that much longer.

A special congratulations goes out to Danielle who has achieved a milestone she set for herself with her education. Good job, Sis! She also has gotten engaged. I am thrilled for her and wish her all the best. Being married has been a true highlight of my life. I hope it is for her as well.

This past Tuesday I had my orientation for nursing in the fall. The press of the impending ten month stretch is getting closer. Maybe some of my classmates will find their way to my blog. That could be nice. I will have to use Facebook to have us help each other. The main suggestion from the nursing teaching staff was to enjoy the summer. I sincerely hope that I will be able to do so. As the days get hotter I know I will miss the cooler months even though I have been longing for the heat.

I feel as though I’m forgetting something I want to mention. Ah well, that’s certainly okay since I can write more any time. So, good night my readers. I promise not to leave you in limbo for so long again, even when I’m enduring the grueling nursing program.

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