You don’t have to wait until the new year to form a resolution for your life. Over the past few months I have noticed that if I don’t have a firm resolve to be on top of a matter then it will fall by the wayside rather quickly. For example, housekeeping. I can keep our domicile livable, but I tend to act like a hoarder keeping all of my possessions out in the open in piles so I “know where they are.” Since we were house guests for a period of time and now have our own place again, I have learned how to put things away. I keep my odds and ends neatly organized so that when I need something I can find it, like a normal person, instead of needing to keep it in view as if I wouldn’t remember that it’s there otherwise. I have reached the point where I can straighten up for 10-15 minutes per day and my cleaning is done so that I have time to read and use the computer. This is a critical asset for me with nursing starting this fall. I won’t have the stress of a messing home while trying to study.

Hubby and I are working toward a weight loss resolution. He and I can both stand to lose a few pounds, and if he’s going to work at it with me, so much the better. I really cannot stick to any sort of regimen on my own. I have to have a buddy or my willpower just drains way to quickly. We live much closer to the beach than we used to, so we’re considering bikes so that we can go up there more frequently and use the nice flat wide sidewalks to travel around and get some of the critical exercise. I’m trying to get my activities that I like to do on more of a schedule around work and soon to be school again so that I am able to walk. I always forget how much I enjoy walking until I do it, so I anticipate being able to fit it in before the weather starts to cool off.

Most notably, I have resolved to be calm. This attitude is allowing me to look at the conditions of my locations and adapt to changes more readily. It aids me at work so that even on the busiest days I know that I can leave work, leaving it all behind, and begin anew the next day. Realizing that if something is critical we will get through it a.s.a.p. and that if something is not it will continue to linger until it’s addressed has made work so much easier for me. I try to project this unflappable attitude at work so that the stress level will remain at a minimum. At home, the calmness helps me to relax so that I sleep better and am able to tackle each individual task without major concern.

I think that people should begin to form multiple resolutions throughout the year. This would help them to stop procrastinating and stay on whichever track they choose. Knowing that you have a plan in place, even for being spontaneous, alleviates stress than can wear down your immune system and make you ill. So, keep that in mind.

Anyway, that’s my thought process for today. I hope everyone has a peaceful evening.

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