Eight Hours

It feels good to have a full eight hours of sleep. Even the husband got six and a half hours and he hasn’t been sleeping more than two to four hours at a time. We laid down at about seven and slept well. The joy is that I don’t even want to go back to sleep. I feel rested for a change, only hope we sleep as well tonight.

So, now that we’re wakeful, we’re watching TV. It’s relaxing since we have nothing going on this early. I think that we’ll have a good day. Sunday is normally the only day I have off from work and school. Lucky for me, I have off Monday too because of the holiday. I will be savoring this weekend. Where I usually only have one day off now I have two. These extra days completely off are going to be rare until I’m done with this nursing program.

So, what do you do with a full night’s rest and no obligations to attend to? RELAX. That’s it. I’ll do some studying and an assignment that’s due Tuesday. I’ll get some extra cleaning done and of course laundry. There’s some organizing I have to complete if I ever had time, so maybe I can get that done now.

This balance of home, school, and work is trying. It is worth it though. I have so many long term goals. These goals are all stepping stones in life. I had an assignment due this past Friday to do with mental health. I reviewed a website looking at the impact of emotions on mental health. What a lot of people forget is that you don’t have to banish all negativity from your daily life. Your daily life should be full of what the article termed “micro moments” of positive emotions. These little bits build a foundation that help you cope with stress and trials so that you can bounce back more readily. It also takes away the burden of long term goals. Taking one day at a time really allows you to absorb the most out of life.

Well, I’m going to pay attention to the TV for a bit before we eat breakfast. I hope everyone has a good day. It feels like today should be a good day. Bye!

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