Well now, this is what I’ve been waiting for. WordPress finally released an app that allows me to easily write from my phone. It used to only support their blog hosted pages but now supports self hosted WordPress sites. So, for the past week I’ve wanted to write, but forgot or fell asleep or just didn’t sit at my computer. Now, I can write when I’m motivated.

We have almost completed week one of fifty-two. Is anyone else excited? I’m making slow progress on my resolutions. That’s to be expected I suppose. I won’t consider myself down and out until my self review at the end of the year.

Work is crazy. I’m calling it partially organized chaos. I haven’t been to the angry pharmacist’s blog in a while but I’m sure he’s dealing with the same stress. If the insurances would stop changing things, if customers understood what’s going on, if doctors didn’t act like the world is going to end and flood the pharmacy with new prescriptions every Tuesday through Friday, it’d be better. If I’m honest though, not as much fun. I honestly enjoy coming to work and knowing I have to be on my toes.

There’s something in the little victories when something goes right that really makes it all worthwhile. I look forward to this face pace we have now being transferred over to whatever job I obtain after school. For now, I’m glad to be working and helping people.

So, I will be back with more of my randomness later. This break is nearly over and I have to get back to the chaos. Thank you for reading!

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