Time Moves Forward

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at clinical yesterday. I wasn’t on the floor, but was doing an observational day in the medical day care outpatient infusions, transfusions, and procedures. I was able to watch a doctor do a lipectomy of a lipoma. It was the most interesting thing I’ve seen in a very long time. The lipoma wound up being rather large. He called it a deep diffuse lipoma and it took a good little while to excise it from the patient’s back. So cool. I cannot wait for my OR observational day this coming Monday. I hope that I see a lot more cool looking procedures. I’m beginning to think that being some sort of scrub nurse is where I’ll want to end up. I’ll know after I see how I handle observing in the OR.

I have another poem taking form. I can feel it rattling around in my skull but it won’t find its way on to paper just yet. I’ve tried a couple of times but the words keeping sticking in my brain. They are coming though, so check back in another few days to see if the poem exists yet. It shouldn’t be too long.

So, I’ve rediscovered that the USB drive I have on my keychain contains a bunch of interesting tidbits. It’s items I’ve created for work and school and some random pictures, all of which have just never been deleted. There’s still a lot of room so I can add plenty more. I tried to add pictures of our little hamster Meg but I don’t think it worked from my phone. I’ll have to add them through the computer at home so you can all see her. She is such an awesome little hammy girl and we are going to miss her when she reaches the end of her lifespan. I wish hamsters lived longer than a couple of years, but she should still have a while with us. We changed her cage this weekend and somehow she managed to open the door. Mind you, her cage is up on a high dresser. She somehow made it to the floor and from the bedroom, through the kitchen, into the computer room to find us. Such a smart girl but she freaked us out royally. Needless to say, we fixed her door.

Alright, I have to wrap this up and get back to class. Next one starts in about six minutes. I hope everyone is having a good day. To everyone that is sick, I wish you good health asap. Being sick is no fun and I know a lot of people are just coming down with a variety of icky illnesses around this time. I think it’s the weather coupled with stress. Okay, I’m really going now! Write again soon. Bye!!

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