May 2012

Well, I certainly am behind. Blame it on stress if you will. This past month has had me absolutely hectic with school. I had a couple of unlikeable grades on two tests and immediately began to freak out. I will come back to this though. There are a couple things I need to address.

The first is to everyone who had an April birthday. The weather has been crazy this year, and your month was no exception. It is my sincere hope that your day was one to remember. My continual prayer is that every birthday can be celebrated with at least one person who treats you right and that you enjoy spending time with. The day to celebrate the beginning of your life as an independent entity outside of your mother’s body is one to be cherished.

Secondly, and most importantly, I have to say


to my sister. I hope your birthday today has been awesome. I know you’re with a guy you love. I hope you spent a good part of your day with him doing something fun. My card to you will be belated but it’s on its way. You’ve grown up to be so beautiful, fulfilling the promise you aspired to as a child. Inside, you’re opinionated, stubborn, and crazy like the rest of us, but you know your mind and you use every trait you have to your advantage. I’m happy for you that you’ve done so well in school and hope you see many, many more years in the future bring you happiness and satisfaction. I love you!

And back to school we go. I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget my sister. My family is important to me, and I want to reach out to them when I can. It hurts to be shunted to one side. I have less than two months remaining before I become a graduate nurse. Yippee! So, bad test grades. Yikes. I realized that with my stress level increasing, as graduation looks more like a reality just around the corner, that I had to change my study tactics quickly to compensate. Well, I did, and it paid off. My next two grades were normal. I could breath easier since I had calculated my grade to just passing with lower scores. This leaves me some breathing room which minimized my stress level.

I’m already planning for being out of school. I’m not sure where I’ll be able to find a new job, but the opportunity will present itself. I have already begun looking. Someone even suggested that I might be able to work at a CVS minute clinic as an LPN. That would be interesting to keep my continuity with the same company. For a while, I foresee me needing to work part time as a nurse and part time as a pharmacy technician. It’ll do me good to keep the job I’ve come to enjoy while treading new water to find the job I can like just as much. The job market may force me to do this anyway. We shall see.

I wrote a new poem, but I don’t have it in front of me. So, another reason to write soon! I will be back with it because it’s simple, and I would like to have opinions on it. So, keep a look out for it!

Hmm, let me see. Oh, the hammy girl! Forget the other pets of the world, I love this hamster. She is our little princess to the extreme. She’s not quite trained but she knows us. She’ll wake up out of a deep sleep when we call her and come to us to see what we want, usually she expects a treat. With hubby, she’ll dig and burrow on his shirt and fall asleep. With me, she just wants to run around because she knows that I will let her on the bed. She will take food from both of us and eat while we hold her. She is just the coolest little critter. Hubby thinks he wants to breed her, but I don’t think he can leave her alone for the required amount of time to avoid stressing her out. We may just buy another one and try our luck at getting another one so sweet.

I can’t think of much else to write. If you’re family and reading this, please relay to other family members that I would be delighted to have them read my blog. It’s really the only way I get to say I miss you sometimes. There are still some I’m basically cut off from. That has been the roughest part of being in school again, knowing that some people who would be proud of me won’t even talk to me for whatever their various reasons are. I’m holding strong as well as I can and hope to be reaching out to them again once school is over. I just can’t handle the stress of rejection from family during this last couple of months. Focus is key.

Oh, if you’ve come by my blog randomly, please visit my Facebook page at: and like my page. It would be much appreciated. You can comment on my blog there too if you don’t want to make an account here to be able to comment.

Have I touched on all the highlights? Actually, no, I suppose not. There was one other major development I wanted to tell ya’ll about. I have decided to finally try and lose weight. I don’t feel bad fully clothed, because I wear things that fit, and often feel pretty good, but when I catch my reflection, I feel depressed. My butt is just too large with thighs and a belly to match. My BMI places me in the morbidly obese category and I’m developing little pains that I never had before. Of course nursing school doesn’t help as I learn about disease processes and problems associated with being overweight (some I knew, some I didn’t) So, with you all as my witness, I am going to try to really lose at least some of this excess fat baggage. I will keep you up to date on my progress. Wish me luck! I’m praying I have the stamina and willpower to really try this for real.

Now, I’m done! I will be back sooner than later. I hope you all have stayed with me through my ramblings. Good night!

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