Welcome to June. My first note is to the past May birthdays. I had a cousin and two uncles with birthdays last month. Hopefully, you had wonderful times for your birthdays. Mine turned out well. To all the other May birthdays, I have sent out my prayers that your days were filled with joy and good times.

On to my second bit of happiness is that we have new phones. I love that my husband has been with Sprint for so long. We always get the low end, cheap/free phone every 20-24 months with contract renewals. This time we’ve landed with iPhones and do far I have been very pleased with my new gizmo. I wasn’t altogether sure if I would like the Apple product. He keeps laughing at the joy I display when using it. So now I can play words with friends and draw something at will. Look for me if you like. My user name is oneladywolf.

Last thing, I have 25 days until graduation. I am ecstatic. Cannot wait to be a graduate nurse instead of a student nurse. Look out world. ???? I’m posting the picture of my graduation dress. I just received it recently so disregard the fact that it needs to be ironed.

To anyone reading this, if you are in the area, please show your support for this year’s student nurses by coming out to our fundraiser on June 7 (see attached flyer).

I will be back back with more updates eventually. Bye for now y’all!



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