Life has been a whirlwind since graduation. There haven’t been any developments in finding a new job yet. I’ve been trying to stay away from VNA but it may be the only option available. Hopefully there will be more job openings over this next month. I want to go back and see the class of 2013 and give them some good news about getting a new job after school. I also have to stay thinking about going further with my education.

My current job has been crazy. I feel like we’ve just been getting busier. We had inventory at the beginning of August and I feel like it went well but the results are still pending. I’m constantly trying to balance work and home. It had gotten a little easier since I don’t have school to think about.

I baked cookies not long ago. They were scrumptious. Check out the picture. These cookies were diabetic friendly fire my hubby which made them healthier for me. We’ve been trying to be better about eating smarter. Losing weight is going to become a very big deal for both of us. We could each stand to lose eighty to one hundred pounds each.

There have been ups and downs since graduation but I honestly know my life is creeping in the right direction. Many days it feels like one step forward and five steps back but I haven’t lost myself yet. There have been a few close calls with depression successfully avoided. I remind myself that I am as strong as I need to be and always growing.

Well, I’m out for now. Hope all has been well for y’all. If you need to reach me please do so through Facebook or email or all me for my number. Bye!


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