Catching Up

Hello and welcome to for 2013. Today, I’m going to try and play catch up for the second time. The first time, I spent over half and hour doing just that then my blog ate the post. After updating the software, fixing a few other glitches, and me being generally frustrated, my hubby and I had to conclude that the auto save feature was one of the items he just then fixed, and my post did not auto save. In my irritation, I chose not to pursue this post again at that time, almost a week ago. Then I noticed the date and realized I needed to get going since I would in fact like to have at least one (not so measly) post up before the end of January.

Last I wrote, it was the elections in November. Now, I have not disclosed to anyone who I voted for, and I won’t. I’m just proud of every American who chose to use their voice. I swear there was more controversy this year than the past election. It was that or I simply paid more heed to the voices being raised with opinions.

Not too long after that, we reached the holiday season. Thanksgiving was a pleasant time spent with family at my in-laws. It is nice to see people even if the only real gatherings are few and far between. There were a few absences I noted but didn’t comment on. After all, I can’t control people. If I had my way, the gatherings at the holidays would not allow anyone to not be present without a really good reason. Ah, well…

So, Thanksgiving came and went. Then I had my six year anniversary. I cannot believe how time has flown. Hubby and I enjoyed each other’s company, but it was just a relaxing day. I like keeping track of the anniversary. It has become one day that I treasure above the holidays that surround it. Sometimes, I truly cannot believe we’ve been together almost nine years. Time does fly.

Happy belated birthday to my mama (even though I wished you it on your birthday)! Her day came not long after my anniversary. It actually works out with the timing so I will never forget it.

Christmas came up way too quickly, again. I like to try and get my tree up early on, but I won’t put it up until after Thanksgiving. I like to give each holiday with its own meaning its own time. This year, I was late. That poor tree didn’t get put up until about a week before Christmas. The season wasn’t complete without it being erected. Once that tree was up and decorated, my spirits soared. The tree stayed up well into January. Next year, I am hoping we will get a real tree. I love the scent. I miss having a real tree. Next Christmas.

I’ve caught up to the new year! Toward the end of last year, I began taking real steps toward losing weight safely. As I have never dieted (I shudder at the thought of controlled foods and foods I despise) I sought medical help. It’s a weight loss clinic, and it looks like I will be able to use their services for advice and to keep myself on track. Through the new year, I have been successful, on my own without medication or crazy diets, to lose one pound per week for the past five weeks. I am ecstatic. I track my caloric intake and calories burned with an app called My Fitness Pal. They also have a website: This app combined with Runtastic and Runtastic Pedometer apps is allowing me to make steady strides toward weight loss. Hubby and I also joined Planet Fitness. I have been going at least twice a week and trying to go more often. Some days, like today, I didn’t go. Instead, I wound up shoveling snow. According to the app, I burned more calories in twenty minutes of snow shoveling than twenty minutes of treadmill walking. It evens out.

I would like to wish happy birthdays to all November, December, and January babies. Hubby’s birthday was a few days ago. We had a good day out together for him while also getting things we had to do out of the way. Happy birthday, my love!

Hmm, only thing I haven’t mentioned is new year resolutions. I have none! That’s right, I have decided to ban that tradition from my life. It’s always depressing to set a resolution and at the end of the year realize you completely blew it, often within the first few months or even weeks of the new year. I have life style changes that I would like to my with measurable goals to see how I am doing. To help, I am using another app called Habit Tracker. It keeps track of how long I am successfully completing daily tasks in a row. I also am utilizing my smart phone to actually get organized, not just for games and books. Wish me luck!

My last bit of news is that my job search continues. I’ve watched classmates land new employment even as I realize it will be difficult to let my current employment go. For the first time in ages though I have had a successful job search. In the last two days I have submitted ten applications and am allowing myself a modicum of hope that I could begin my new career as a nurse. I simply cannot wait until the day I get to put all of that knowledge into true use and help people stay healthy, get healthy, or at least feel like they have a truly empathetic nurse who cares.

I hope everyone has been well for this first month of the year. If you’ve registered with my blog, please feel free to comment. As always, I will be listing my post through Facebook, so I know I’ll hear from some of you there. I do apologize for the long winded ramble, but life moves on, and I wanted to let people know how I am. My goal for the blog this year is to share crafty things I come across and try, creative things I do, and anything I cook that is my own, adapted, or just looks delicious. Bye!

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