Life can certainly be crazy. I will apologize for my silence, though you’ve heard it before. Busy with work and life. That could actually be a good thing, right? It simply wouldn’t do for someone who’s employment isn’t centered on computers to be on one continuously. At least, that’s me. So… what’s been going on with me in just over two months you ask? Why, many things!

I began a garden. It’s what I call a cheater garden from Big Lots. It’s a rollout seed patch that you water faithfully and things grow. Well, I’ve never considered myself to have much of green thumb. I think that’s because I lack patience. But, I see green! I cannot wait for color to appear in my garden patch. The past few days I haven’t watered it much but that’s only because it’s been raining.

I had bangs cut in. I think that it changes my whole look. There’s something about bangs that I think makes me more sophisticated. It’s translated into my every day life. I’ve had more confidence. It actually took less time that I first thought to make them behave and be trained. Now, it’s just gusty wind that makes them do weird things.

My darling husband has finished my anniversary/Christmas/birthday gift. He presented it to me yesterday. A laptop! We had considered getting tablets, and may still, but I enjoy having this laptop to work on. Heck, it’s what I’m using to blog right now, and it’s certainly easier than using my phone.

My only complaint lately would have to be the weather. Winter stretched on forever and spring was slow in getting here. Then, just as it’s really starting to feel like spring, maybe even early summer, it gets so cold! Even my poor cat has come down with the sneezes and sniffles from the abrupt weather change.

Oh, happy memorial day! I want to thank the veterans in my life and all of the veterans in this country for their service. It’s not easy to keep this country safe and keep us out in the world as an established presence. It’s because of the sacrifices of those brave men and women that allow me to sit here on my laptop and chitchat.

Hey, I need to wrap this up. I hope to be back soon. If nothing else, I need to provide garden and hair pictures. I just don’t have them on the laptop yet, I hope everyone is well. Bye!

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