Life Harmony

A poem

“Life Harmony”
Reaching forward every day
to find your harmony in life
can be a challenge untold
causing grief and strife.
Can you feel the balance
as the clock hands move?
They mark your time relentlessly
and focus there can sway
the balance of your every day.
Do you recognize the interwoven threads
of life your every action binds
together into one pattern?
Your pattern may change,
may crinkle, run smooth, adapt and flow,
but the weave is your own.
Every bit of time you spend
in a focused state of mind
can change your own destiny.
All you need is time.
Harmony and balance do not spring quick,
but if you have patience,
and time will only tell,
your harmony will be woven
into the pattern of your life
allowing you to feel the ease
and comfort harmony may bring.

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