Forever Ago

It’s been over four months since I’ve posted anything here. I would apologize again, but I’m not really feeling it and dislike insincere apologies. Suffice it to say I have missed my meandering thoughts being made public. I’ve also wondered if anyone has actually missed me and has been saddened by my lack of chatter. On that thought, I realized I should probably write because I wouldn’t want anyone despondent over not being able to read something new.

There has been so much happening in my life that the wonderful internet space has just taken a back seat to real life. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve always been circumspect in what I share, so I will share what I can.

First on the list, no new job. I am still employed as a pharmacy technician. If they’d pay me closer to what I would make as a nurse I probably would stop looking for a new job. I really do like my job. Since I haven’t found anything new yet, I continue to work with high spirits. My goal is to work happy and go home happy even if I’m stressed. Hopefully more education is just around the corner so I can continue on to RN. That’s the position most seem to be hiring. Nursing is still my end goal job.

Secondly, I’ve had some success in reconnecting with my father. Facebook has become good for something. Email is spontaneous at best.  There’s talk between hubby and me of reconnecting with other family members but that would be a postable announcement if it comes to fruition only. I don’t want to spoil anything.

We’re doing pretty well on the home front. Life has a daily grind and a rhythm we’ve settled in to finally. Overall, I am very happy with life. Our hamsters, fish, and cat are well. I really am considering adopting a dog. I’m trying to decide which breed.

I will have to post details of my cooking trial. I made homemade pumpkin pie and it actually turned out really well. I took pictures of each step so I’ll make sure I get them up.

Hopefully everyone remembered to set their clocks back an hour today. Halloween was nice. I went to my first Halloween party with the hubby that didn’t focus on people known to his family. I had a good time and he seemed to also. Now, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. Absolutely determined to take the end of the year one holiday at a time.
The last thing I have is the happy news my sister, Danielle, has a date for her wedding. Looking forward to that!

Love to my family and friends. Keep your spirits up and your faith strong.

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