Winding Down

The segments of time we humans have fashioned continue to march on by drawing to a close yet another year. Only days remain for 2013. It is with great anticipation 2014 will be welcomed.

This past year has provided insights to myself and my life that were greatly needed. I intend to take these life lessons and use what they’ve taught to continue to grow. What is life but opportunities to grow? If you stagnate, you’re not listening to what you’re being taught.

My life lessons included acknowledging my jealousy when others receive what I cannot due to circumstances beyond my control and releasing the subsequent anger and depression. That has been the most difficult lesson. When it is my turn, it will be my turn and I should not harbor any ill will toward people who have no idea that I’m “mad” at them because I felt the universe being unjust. I’ve taken all my lessons to heart. This is just the most prominent one.

I realized that the reality I tend to live in can coincide with the reality of others. I strive to maintain my dreams but understand that I need to exist in the here and now to be able to live. Dreams are good and shape my character.

My hope that everyone had good times this year. May you look forward to the future while remembering to live for today. Cycles in your life repeat until the lesson involved is learned them you move on to a new adventure. That’s where I’m headed, I think, on a new adventure.

On a more somber note, we lost our hammy Q. Such the best boy in the world. He’s the only hamster we’ve owned that would present his little snout to be kissed repeatedly. His picture is going to join that of our cat we lost in Florida. Only the best of the best join the photos on the wall even though we live all our pets dearly.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve posted this past year. If I get more in tune with my creative self I shall be posting things for you to see and/or try the coming year. Oh! I have a pay it forward post on my Facebook page with open opportunities. To see what it’s about and if they’re still the visit me.

Happy early new year. Be safe and, as always, be well!

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