Quarter Mark

Whoa! We’re one-fourth of the way through 2014. I can’t believe it either. In two months time since my last post, I feel as though my world has spin backwards and forwards and revolved so quickly that I’m nearly astounded with everything that’s happened. Let’s get to it!

So, the new job. It is everything I hoped it would be. Working in the doctor’s office setting is the nursing equivalent of the retail pharmacy and the department I’m in can be crazy just like CVS. I love being busy with work. The hours opened up for them to offer me 40 hours. I must be doing something correctly or they would have hired someone new versus giving me the hours. I am only going to be a maximum of every other Saturday with CVS now. That makes me sad, but they know I’ll be available for questions if they need me. This will be through the end of the year at least then we’ll see where it goes.

I was able to travel to Georgia/Tennessee in March to see my sister get married. She was absolutely gorgeous. It was the first time I’d ever met her significant other. They definitely look good together. She seemed there, and still on Facebook, to be deliriously happy with her decision. I’m proud of her for taking that step. The wedding ideal was never big for her growing up, but I think she enjoyed herself.

The hubby and I have begun discussing moving. We’re not sure when or where to, or if it’ll be another apartment or house, or rent or own, but we both agree that the time is getting close when it will happen. We would like some more space. We almost, almost convinced ourselves to buy a $50,000 fixer upper close by, but wisely realized we’d have been miserable. Neither one of us has time to be fixing up a home where everything from floors to plumbing to roof need to be repaired. Still in the works.

On a somber note, my aunt passed away. She was with my family in Florida. Circumstances were not such that allowed me to go be with them. I sent my condolences and wrote her a memorial that can be found on my blog. I tried to send flowers, but it turned out to be a scan. Apparently, most people don’t check to make sure their flowers are delivered. The company is refunding me, but that’s not the point. I really liked the flowers I had chosen in her memory. So, dealing with grief. One day at a time though. Working and keeping busy help. I miss her already. I love you, Aunt Phyllis.

Backtracking to the 40 hours per week at my nursing job, I hope to be joining weight watcher’s soon. The new hours will allow me to go to a meeting. My route home from work also takes me by the gym so I’m slowly working that back into my routine. Health is the goal with a great emphasis on happiness.

Wrapping up, I send my love to all family members. Readers of my blog, hope you’ve enjoyed my life insights. With my new hours, I may even begin cooking and baking and crafting again to share those activities with you. Enjoy life until I’m back again!

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