Too Fast

It has been an amazing year so far. Like any year there have been ups and downs but we continue onward. Surprisingly, I have no major news. Apologies for my delay in posting. I feel as though these last few months have been as though leaves scattered in the wind and fled all too quickly.

We have blessedly have a very mild summer this year after our bitterly cold winter and scant spring. I can wholly admit that I look forward to autumn with great enthusiasm. Autumn is, after all, my most favored season. I have small hopes for the end of the year and beginning of the next that I am allowing to grow as I pray they do not get dashed to pieces on the rockier paths of life.

I’ve settled into my nursing job with great enjoyment. The only time I do not look forward to going in is when I’m under the weather. Every day I smile to be there. Every day I leave content, possibly physically tired, but emotionally ecstatic. I do not want to lose this.

Lately, I have learned that I have more fears than previously acknowledged within myself. Some days, those fears are sufficient to nearly derail me. I’ve held strong and kept my head high. In my new coworkers, I have support that is overwhelming, and still have a few from CVS that I can reach out to when needed.

In the past few months, I have said goodbye to our cat. Squeak passed away and is dearly missed. My heart hasn’t healed enough to bring a new kitty into our lives. That, and I wouldn’t be able to trust a new cat with the hamsters. Hubby still has a distressing tendency to fall asleep holding them and they will go off on adventures. I do t need an untrained kitty having the wrong idea about our hammy babies. I also felt as though I had lost a family member with the passing of Robin Williams. That man had been part of my life in movies and comedy since I was very young, and deep down I harbored a family affection for him.

Please, everyone, remember to smile. Laugh at life. When darkness descends upon you, you are not alone, even when it feels as though you’ll never emerge to light again. Keep your head up, and don’t be shy about asking for help, a shoulder, an ear.

It is with the greatest of intents to be back soon that I leave you for now. I knew I had to check in so anyone who reads would know that I am well. And I wish wellness to everyone.

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