Ending 2014

As I sit here enjoying my last dinner of 2014, I’m reflecting on what a year it has been. There have been some prominent changes in my life as well as subtle ones. I personally feel as though the has been more joy than sorrow, more ups than downs, even if I did not get or achieve everything that I desired.

Of most note is my current employment. I began working as an LPN in March, and was welcomed into an amazing work environment beginning day one at Lahey Health. It took years at CVS to reach the level of support I had day one with Lahey. I’m not knocking CVS by any means. That company and the final group of people I was with have given me so much passion to be my best at whatever work I do and helped to mold me into a teacher and leader for later roles in life. I had contemplated resigning from CVS at the end of the year but will be there for two more shifts in the new year before saying goodbye and focusing wholly on my nursing career.

My husband is doing do much better health wise than he has in years past. It has been a delight to watch him push himself to get well. There’s still a road ahead of both of us when it comes to health related goals, but we’re planning on focusing on being health. It’s no new year resolution though! Those get broken too often.

I have many goals for this up coming year. My love of Pinterest has given me many ideas to try and strive for.

I got to see one of my sisters marry this year. I was able to visit my mother. We changed up our Christmas routine. We had several pets pass away, but are devoted to loving the ones we have remaining.

There could be changes in our family dynamic in the upcoming year. Some hopes and desires were unfulfilled but still retain potential, and new possibilities are also arising. I won’t put any details here, just in case some things don’t come to fruition, but know that I continue to be positive.

I made 155 Christmas Mice and gave all but two away to my new coworkers. If any of you happen to read my blog, the instructions are posted in a December 2013 post. I was blown away by peoples reactions and so glad to see the smiles they brought.

To every reader, I am hunting information. Be you friend or family, I’m looking for addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, names and birthdays of people in your household. I like sending Christmas cards and I’m trying something new this year for birthdays. More importantly, I don’t just want to be connected through the internet, although using Facebook, email, texting, etc to provide me information where it is private is the best.

Now, it is time to go. Find me on social media, especially Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter among others if you desire. There are two hours left to 2014.

I wish everyone an amazing night. Be safe, and don’t drive drunk or buzzed. Be ready to move forward in life in all that you do in the coming year. Let us all grow, expand our knowledge, and develop patience, kindness, and understanding of others in times to come.

In love and friendship,

Amber the OneLadyWolf


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