Just 2 Days

The question I have for myself is can I make it through just two days? The obvious answer, of course I can. The honest answer, I might just experience spontaneous combustion. I have to make it through two days only where he has to see me. The actual day of surgery is a whole other story. With what feels like so much to get done around the home, I feel overwhelmed. It is plainly visible on my face to my coworkers.

Two days to go. He is handling himself like a champion. While he is not looking forward to having surgery, he is steeled for it. The general attitude is that he has no other choice and must make it through this. Admiration in plenty for this man of mine. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to see chinks in his stoic armor. He is nervous. Little things he says or small things that he does do display his mounting anxiety.

We are strong for each other. 

One day at a time.

Almost there.

As much as work bothers me right at this moment, feeling like I should be home doing other things, it is the absolute best thing for me, and him. We are both working today and tomorrow. It is good to accomplish needed things for our jobs before we are both out. There is something to be said for keeping your daily life as normal as possible as long as possible.

I am focused on keeping my tears to a minimum and hidden to myself. My dark little monster in my chest is being held at bay. I don’t doubt that it will be with me through most of his recovery. Just need to make it to Wednesday which is when it all changes.

Thank you to everyone that has lent me support. I have relayed well wishes to my husband. I absorb them myself. This beast that he is fighting will be slain in due course.

#cancersucks #beatcancer #husbandismyhero

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