Hammy Loss





The one thing we have worried about with having a litter of hamsters has been how we would feel when they were no longer with us. We had our first loss of the litter on 12/11/2015, and while I posted it all over Facebook, it took me longer to bring the news to my blog.

How do you truly honor the memory of your fur family members? I know we have been doing so by continuing to love on Q’ubed’s brothers and sisters, mama and papa, and our newer adoptees. He was always, from puphood, one of my favorites from our baker’s dozen. One of the only ones that would actually greet me, while most of them only wake up to greet my hubby. I feed them and give them clean cages, but they all love him more.

In the end, he was as peaceful as possible. I could see in his face that going to the vet was not an option. It was too late. We kept him comfortable and on a warm heating pad until the end. While his body was alive until he died, I feel like he was at peace and already gone, just needing his body to catch up, which it did.

I am not done grieving for him. Every time I think of him, or see the empty space where his cage was, I get a little bit choked up. I had a dream about him last night. Our sweet little boy.

It is heartbreaking to know we will have to go through this every time a hammy passes. Honestly though, I would have it no other way. We truly love our hamsters, and are happy to have them as part of the family. We will hang a stocking for you, little one, even though you left too soon to have your first Christmas. Never will we forget you.

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