Special Birthday

Special Birthday

Monday, January 25, 2016, was my husband’s birthday. Not a normal milestone, just 46. But, a huge milestone in that it was his first birthday after being diagnosed with cancer. With pending scans to prove he is still NED, he will be cancer free to us until something shows else-wise.

So, this man of mine, her never knows what he wants for his birthday. I made him a card, rather than buy one. It felt like the right thing to do, more special for such an important birthday. Took three days to print it though, because he was always around when I was ready to print it. That was crazy. I was about ready to banish him from the vicinity of the printer so he would not hear it print, but I got lucky and did not have to.

Now, what do you get a man who insists that there is nothing he needs or wants? You observe him and see what he might be missing that he has not thought of for himself.

Hobby Shop Time

Around Christmas time, he had decided that he wanted to get back into building models and found a couple of car models at Wal-Mart. We were only able to find the most basic of supplies. My suggestion for his birthday was that we find an old fashioned hobby shop.

That is what we did.

We found and spent about 2 hours in a hobby shop not far from home. He was able to pick out all of the paints for the first model car he is assembling. He even began working on it that day. It has been a while since I have seen him so focused on something. As well as he has been doing, he usually crashes at night or at least cannot stay awake enough to do much of anything.

Overall Pleasant

It was nice being able to spend the day with him without worry. He was the most relaxed he has been in a while. We had his work truck out and about, but luckily did not have to stop with the calm atmosphere of the day to work. You won’t hear any complaints from me as to how the day went.

Being able to spend a quiet, peaceful day with my man was wonderful. He was his typical jocular self. Even with the headache that plagued me throughout the day, I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

I know that we will be frequenting that hobby shop again. I am also checking prices online for various models he has expressed interest in, and for painting supplies. If he stays into this hobby, we will need plenty more.


Here’s looking forward to another year with no major speed bumps, hopefully. I wish him to be happy and healthy, or at the very least happy regardless of what comes our way.

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