Shadow Friend

Poem for those I know that may be struggling with anything. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen. I will always listen without judging. Just be patient if I am slow to respond.

Shadow Friend

I thought there were no words to tell you,

no words to make you see,

that even though we are apart,

I am the friend you need.

We may be far in distance,

or perhaps just down the street,

but regardless of how close or far,

you can reach out to me.

I will be the one who listens,

one who stands steadfast for you.

Feel safe when you confide in me

and know my words are true.

I may ask obliquely

for uplifting thoughts and words

from others that I know,

but what you say to me will never

be pointed back to you.

Think of me as a journal,

a diary,


locked tight.

I am one person you may choose

to bring your troubles to.

Even when I cannot offer guidance,

I will always listen,

and never brush you off.

Please do not forget me.

Remember I am here.

When you feel as if you have no one,

just turn right to me.

Sometimes all you need

is that unbiased ear

to relieve yourself of turmoil

to calm your racing mind.

Let my calmness be a guiding light,

a beacon to bring you through.

The shadow caused by my light

is the essence of my friendship.

Everyone has shadows,

but they do not need to be feared.

Let the shadow and light be one

encompassing all I am

and all I offer to you.

So never mind the distance that

may or may not be.

Just let yourself remember

you have a shadow friend of me.


  • Gabriel

    This is beautiful! <3 Thank you for sharing

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