Forward Motion

There has been a silence from me over the past month as to how I am doing even though there has been much talk from me regarding my husband. So, me? I have been having a bit of a whirlwind of month that I chose not to talk about for 3 reasons. The first, I needed to be in a good place to not say something I would regret. Not too often do I speak in sudden heat because I have learned the wisdom of using a cool head. Second, most of this past month has been straight forwardly focused on job hunting. While I know that my personal Facebook page doesn’t show everything to strangers, I have this public blog with its own very public Facebook page and Twitter. Cool head, remember? I had to be circumspect in everything I said. Third, I have been focused on not me, which I have written plenty about. That focus away from me has been very beneficial, and while stressful, at times very calming. Having focus is important.

What Happened?

Plain and simple, I lost my job. It was quite a devastating blow. I have disclosed the details to various people, but I will refrain from putting said details online. Suffice it to say that the higher ups could not explain something, could not prove or disprove my theory as to why something occurred, so I was released. I firmly believe that I am not at fault, and it must be odd what happened, because I disclose it to potential employers, and they still think I will be a great asset to their team and that what occurred is strange to say the least.

In losing my job, I felt lost. I love what I do as a nurse. My work family was highly important to me. What was I going to do without seeing my people every day? How was I not going to lose my mind sitting at home? As much as I enjoy solitude and alone time, I have to work. It is something that was ingrained into me from a very young age. Not two days later, I had peace.

My husband and I had no concept of how long it would take for me to find a new job, and I was scouring the online resources available. He and I both settled on a 2 month time frame, after which I would start to learn locksmithing better if I was not working as a nurse.

The Search!

I have been relentless in searching for a new nursing position. I kept the same parameters as I had when I was a new graduate. I did not want to work in long term care, private duty, odd hours, night shifts. Pretty much, I was seeking a “9-5” job, with me being flexible right around those hours. Honestly, it seems as though more places are hiring LPNs now than two years back. I knew that things were moving along at a reasonable pace, but every potential interview worried at me until I had to escape the house and go do something other than housework to distract my mind. There was also plenty of recruiters contacting me if I ran into last resorts.

So, one interview, no followup, they went with someone else. Second interview, interest! Follow up interview scheduled. So much anticipation. Third interview, they wanted me! The commute though, I was hesitant. Kept my fingers crossed for the second place. Had my follow up interview, and lo and behold, I got the job! Ecstasy and joy! I would be able to go back to work.


Looking Forward to Monday

I begin orientation on Monday, and that is considered my official start date. Today, I went for all of the paperwork for my employee file, got cleared by employee health, got my name badge, all of the fun pre-work stuff. It will be good to be going to work again. Honestly, I am just a working girl that severely missed my patient interaction over the last month. Yes, I have had plenty of other stuff in my home life to keep me busy, so the time not working was needed.

A month later, I still miss my other work family. I hope to always miss them on some level. I still miss all of my CVS family, so I do not see why my Lahey family would be any different. It is the people who come into our lives and leave their mark that allow us to grow. This transition is simply the next step in my life to keep me, my husband, and our pet children, happy and healthy. I know that I will have exponential growth with Partners/NSMC/NSPG just as I had with Lahey. The only way to go is forward. No one has invented a time machine yet that I know of!

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