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While I have been sharing news on Facebook and Instagram, I have delayed posting anything to my blog. Reaching the halfway point was a milestone desired before bringing the journey to this forum. As of today, I can say that I am 20+3 weeks pregnant and am overjoyed to be blessed with this little miracle that is growing well and on track.

Found out the good, unexpected as I was on birth control for headaches and regulation, news on September 5, 2017. This was after nearly a month of increasing frequency of migraines and an increase of lower back pain that often had me down and out. Life has been a bit of a whirlwind since that point. A whirlwind spinning in the opposite direction of everything I was dealing with for the last year.



Decided to use Minecraft for the announcement. It has been a nice little feature that has been updated periodically as time progresses.



The first trimester was not horrendous. My morning sickness consisted of nausea nearly daily but very little physical sickness. My migraines faded as soon as I started eating more frequently and hydrating well. I just hadn’t been doing enough during that prior month but thought I was. Within a week or so of testing, my back pain also receded. Fatigue took its place with a vengeance. Pretty much slept at any time possible nearly the entire first trimester.

Baby’s first picture was taken at about 10 weeks. There had been some minor spotting, and since blood tests looked good, they wanted to get a visual to make sure all looked okay. It did.

Hello, Baby. You really ARE there!

Everything has proceeded normally, from what I am told. Second trimester has been incredible. Energy has returned, although if I do anything repeatedly or for a prolonged time I’m still fighting fatigue. Hip pain that I had prior to pregnancy has also been flaring. I’m sure it’s due to my center of gravity shifting and the hormones. It will be addressed by OB next appointment and PCP if needed. So far, it’s not debilitating, so it can be endured. With enough rest it will eventually stop hurting. It’s all about pacing myself.

Work has been started on the nursery. Was aiming for a more gender neutral theme as we started before finding out gender. Even now that we know, I’m sticking with the original plan. Baby’s grandmother is helping and would like to have it done by my six month mark.


The Reveal

This week, we reached the halfway point, 20 weeks. Also, had the anatomy scan ultrasound that looked good. At that ultrasound, we received the gender as well! Did a reveal on Facebook live. So, in Spring 2018, we are welcoming a baby boy!





Every single form of gender prediction said boy. Turns out they were all correct. Sort of amazing how that worked out. My guy is thrilled. We have a name we both like and which also is prevelant in both of our families.

Now, it’s time to really focus forward. Baby boy has to finish baking. I have to make it through the rest of pregnancy, of which many ladies have expressed sarcastic joy concerning third trimester but also great enthusiasm of it being worth it. Pregnancy has been good, so I’m hoping the trend continues. My focus of day by day continues. I feel that it serves me best to stay on track with life.

So, until next time, be well. Stay safe. Express love and joy. Find what can bring happiness to your heart.


12/14/2017 - #daybyday #findinghappiness
12/14/2017 – #daybyday #findinghappiness

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