Shadow Friend

Poem for those I know that may be struggling with anything. Sometimes, you just need someone to listen. I will always listen without judging. Just be patient if I am slow to respond. Shadow Friend I thought there were no words to tell you, no words to make you see, that even though we are […]

Long Road

Long Road I remember. Eyes filled with tears as I debated whether or not to speak, to tell him. Would my voice portray confidence, comfort or fail only displaying my fear, doubt? This news, this news simply could not be. Not cancer. I had to let him see the doctor first. But, he asked me […]

Life Harmony

A poem “Life Harmony” Reaching forward every day to find your harmony in life can be a challenge untold causing grief and strife. Can you feel the balance as the clock hands move? They mark your time relentlessly and focus there can sway the balance of your every day. Do you recognize the interwoven threads […]

Outside Looking In

Never having been privy to my own deepest desires, how do you expect me to relay what I feel? Never one for confrontation, how can I express what your actions and words do to me? Never one to put myself forward, to be known or understood, how can I start now? Perhaps it is my […]