Oh My Goodness

I’m on day three of being back to school. One day of class and day two of clinical. Today has been so interesting with the patients. There are a few mindsets I just don’t understand in some patients but I don’t let it affect me. I love the experiences. My patient has been awesome. I’m […]

Summer Solstice

So, I have absolutely nothing that I want to say at the present time other than welcome to summer. Today was the summer solstice which marks the beginning of the season and the longest day of the year in this part of the world. I hope you all enjoyed your extra sunlight because now the […]


I have officially missed the four seasons. Living in Florida, it’s as if I had two seasons. Dry and wet, sometimes being three if you want to include muggy. Since we moved back up to the northeast, I have had my autumn, winter, now spring and I’m even looking forward to summer. All four seasons. […]


Have you ever had time move by so swiftly you’ve forgotten that it passed? That is how these past couple of months have been for me. I kept meaning to blog, but time moved all too quickly and I kept forgetting. The year so far has been well. I can’t say that it has been […]

Mind on Idle

Even with work this has been as day for contemplation on nothing. I often find myself meandering down the path of solitude within my mind. I find that it helps me to maintain my center. I unfortunately find mymself relaying this time to others as “boredom” when it is in fact exploration. Long ago, I […]