My aunt by marriage passed December 30, 2013. In continuing with my personal memorials, I’ve written a small commemorative piece for her. Please feel free to view her obituary as well.

Dorothy Teague

Greatly has your passing been felt,
and sorely will you be missed.
Sister, wife, mother, grandmother,
and aunt.

You’ve been one of the central family
members I had the privilege to know.
From your humor, tenacity,
sharp wit, dedication to the family,
and galumpkis,
I know you’ll be remembered.

I could see the pain in every face,
heard in every voice,
as you left your life with us.

My hope is that,
your memory shall bring solace,
a lessening of grief,
even though you’re no longer here.
Sometimes, a memory or two,
is what a grieving heart will cling to.

Through times bad and good,
rough and easy,
your family and friends
have depended on you.
Your no nonsense attitude,
bolstered us all.

Now is your time to rest.
We will cherish your memory,
and be true to ourselves in honor
of you.

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