My great-grandmother passed on July 17, 2010. I know that she was loved, respected, and cherished. She will be missed by friends and family alike.

Life begun.

Life lived.

Life ends.

A woman loved and cherished,

Active and needed.

Wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

I remember visits with pizza and ice cream floats,

Stories and love,

The joy at seeing her family.

Never did I get to say goodbye,

Moving about,

Living my life apart from childhood family whole.

Often was she in my thoughts.

Still, she comes into them,

Bringing my mind peace and joy.

I remember her smile and laughter.

I remember the embraces,

The time stories were told.

Elinor Gurbada,

You will be missed.

You will always be remembered,

Present in our hearts and minds.

As your memory remains alive,

You too,

Shall live.

As your descendants continue,

Your life will be remembered.

A woman of passion and family.

Our love remains with you always,

As you will remain with us through all days.

You shall always be remembered.

Fond memories and love,


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