Grammy, my husband’s paternal grandmother, passed 01-24-09. We will all miss you and remember you. This is what I wrote for her.


Dorothea Tarasuik



Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother,

And Great-Great-Grandmother






A strong woman that many admired has passed from this world.

Surviving her is an immense family and a wondrous legacy.



Grammy, you were only known to me for the briefest of times.

I was able to see many of the qualities that so endeared you to your family.


Your heart was great and filled with love for all who came after you.


Your wit could bring a smile to any down spirit and liven up a room.


Many fond stories were and can be told that center around Grammy.


I was able to witness the deep currents of love, respect, and devotion

your family held for you in life and in your final hours. Tears have been and will

be shed, but this trying time should only bond the family closer together.


Know that we will hold your memory close, see you in family faces, activities,

and daily life. You, Dorothea Tarasuik, Grammy, will remain timeless

in the hearts of those who so cherished your life.


Your memory will never fade as that devotion to who you were

remains ever strong and ever lasting. You are a cornerstone of

this family now and always.


Bless you on your journey in the afterlife. We will never forget you.

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