Mind on Idle

Even with work this has been as day for contemplation on nothing. I often find myself meandering down the path of solitude within my mind. I find that it helps me to maintain my center. I unfortunately find mymself relaying this time to others as “boredom” when it is in fact exploration. Long ago, I […]

Looking Forward

Lately I have been considering the future. It is always an odd feeling to look ahead, although I understand the need to do so. First, I have been considering the new change for this country. With the presidential inauguration looming ever closer, I am unable to avoid wondering how long he will live. I am […]

Mind over…

I am beginning to hope that this site will pan out. I have so many little details that I still need to figure out with it. Silly me just keeps hoping it will magically fall into place and I do know better. So, aside from that, I don’t have much to talk about yet. I […]

OneLadyWolf’s Den

Welcome to the wolf’s den. I have been hoping to be able to reach out and share my random compilation of thoughts with anyone who wants to take a look. So, please, come look. Feel free to share your thoughts on any topics I may have, or even ask questions. You never can tell when […]